BENCH CAM | Aston Villa vs Arsenal (2-4) | All the reactions to a dramatic victory!

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Take a closer look at the action, reactions and more on the Arsenal bench as we defeated Aston Villa at Villa Park.
Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, Emile Smith Rowe, Vivianne Miedema, Gabriel Jesus, Alex Zinchenko, Leah Williamson, Takehiro Tomiyasu, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Aaron Ramsdale, Beth Mead, Ben White and more.
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Chika Okeke
Chika Okeke 29 күн бұрын
The passion from the players down to the bench is unmatched. Once we survive February and still top that table, am afraid it's gonna be dangerous. Not for us, but other teams cos Partey, ESR and Gabriel Jesus will be back. COYG, let's wrap it up with a winning run 💪🏾
Chika Okeke
Chika Okeke 21 күн бұрын
@Baba Wealth ,,Pundit & Football Analyst Eddie should be sold in the summer.
Baba Wealth ,,Pundit & Football Analyst
Baba Wealth ,,Pundit & Football Analyst 21 күн бұрын
Would keep eddie ,,bench or sell??
Chika Okeke
Chika Okeke 21 күн бұрын
@Baba Wealth ,,Pundit & Football Analyst Arteta has a decision to make. Balogun has similar traits of Gabriel Jesus, has a higher ceiling compared to Eddie. Eddie might be sold in my opinion
Baba Wealth ,,Pundit & Football Analyst
Baba Wealth ,,Pundit & Football Analyst 21 күн бұрын
Do you guys think we should brimg balogun back on summer
M7. 29 күн бұрын
Impossible to abandon the support of Arsenal⚽️❤
Steve Salkas
Steve Salkas 13 күн бұрын
They will few loser and fake one will.leave less vids on u tube u watch hope not want title bad myself ...go gunners 23
test channel
test channel 20 күн бұрын
You meant that waste of a arsenal fan ..Lee gunner
CamoKing 24 күн бұрын
@Reason is wenger arsenal?
LordBonesaw 28 күн бұрын
@Dan.808I’ve supported the club since 1986 and have never missed a home game…
Steve Salkas
Steve Salkas 28 күн бұрын
@Dan.808 I was 13 now over 50
Rashid 29 күн бұрын
I watched the replays of the whole game 3x...Jorginho was massive, the plays,passes & smart tackles he made were fantastic. Partey should be given all the time in the world to fully recover... Jorginho got our back
Steve Salkas
Steve Salkas 8 күн бұрын
@Loyalty_knot_1 optus full highlights
Steve Salkas
Steve Salkas 8 күн бұрын
Only 3x
Janeshwer P
Janeshwer P 28 күн бұрын
kiana685 29 күн бұрын
Xhaka running from the bench on Emi’s goal will forever be hilarious 🤣
thatswhatshesaid 24 күн бұрын
Bro i thought he was The Flash at that moment. Never noticed it the first time around 😂
LOUIS 28 күн бұрын
Have never seen xhaka sprint that fast in a game 🤣🤣
Dave Spagnol
Dave Spagnol 29 күн бұрын
@Röbìn Drãgûnöv With the departure of Cedric, Xhaka is now the quickest player in the squad... when racing towards a goal celebration!!
Röbìn Drãgûnöv
Röbìn Drãgûnöv 29 күн бұрын
Xhaka Sprint Speed & Acceleration = During match = 45 Fight & Goals Celebration = 99
God's Love
God's Love 29 күн бұрын
I love the way Mikel calls the boys one by one and have a talk with them ,, incredible Give him some likes
God's Love
God's Love 8 күн бұрын
@Clucking Bell yes very incredible finishing at the end of 90++ minutes
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell 28 күн бұрын
Was u at the Villa game?
God's Love
God's Love 28 күн бұрын
@Patience Rwiza sure.. And at the beginning of the season he took a cup
Patience Rwiza
Patience Rwiza 28 күн бұрын
Arteta is doing an amazing job for our team at the moment credit to him i hope and pray that all his effort Will pay off at the end of the season and bring trophy to the gunners after all these years i think we deserve it we have been playing fantastic football
New horizons 22
New horizons 22 29 күн бұрын
I love this Club and am proud of our guys. These moments are priceless. Even if we don't get the Title this year, these guys have already established themselves as one of the most talented , creative and passionate teams that Arsenal has ever had.
Eric Flores
Eric Flores 27 күн бұрын
This team can’t wait for champions league their hunger for premier league title is just the beginning 🙌🏾🫶🏾
Tomo 28 күн бұрын
Couldn’t agree more.
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell 28 күн бұрын
@Nketiah in the room Standards in the Sewer
Nketiah in the room
Nketiah in the room 28 күн бұрын
Doesnt matter if we dont win it were guaranteed top 4 that is massive progress
Kayden Mary
Kayden Mary 29 күн бұрын
@New horizons 22 yeah right but I don’t see us loosing the title cos it just 15 games more for us and we’ve cover a lot so let be positive
nucleus 29 күн бұрын
I am a Leeds fan, but Arsenal are my second team. Have always loved watching Arsenal right from Arsene Wenger days. I hope you guys win the league ! Good luck ! Even if my team goes down this season, I will be here next season watching Premier League only because of Arsenal.
Trustpro 27 күн бұрын
Nice one bro,you are part of our family 👪 👍 👏 👌 Love f the ❤️
Lawrence Hutchinson
Lawrence Hutchinson 28 күн бұрын
Thank you...well appreciated
Tumu Santrina
Tumu Santrina 28 күн бұрын
@Sakura Háruno let's. Pray for him
Sakura Háruno
Sakura Háruno 28 күн бұрын
Thank yoy and i hope your team make it out of relegation too🥰
Fikiri Mashauri
Fikiri Mashauri 28 күн бұрын
Wow, ♥️♥️ thanks too
Jeremy Hellmann
Jeremy Hellmann 29 күн бұрын
Incredible to see our set piece coach Nicolas Jover telling Odegaard something right before our corner and then our team executing perfectly leading to the Zinchenko goal... you can see how much the coaching staff admires him by their reactions to the goal and immediate praise to Jover. Wonderful to see. The connection, trust, and chemistry within the team is immense to our success.
sea bass
sea bass 24 күн бұрын
💯 the togetherness of this team is amazing. Love it when airpod albert stood beside arteta during the game, and club doctor o’driscoll was invested in the game and celebrated together with the team when they scored. Such an incredible family there
Bankole Oluwagbenga
Bankole Oluwagbenga 28 күн бұрын
Honestly because we don't have tall players so it's best to switch to another plan when playing corners or freekick
Paulson 28 күн бұрын
Where's he gonna go? To a champions league team? We'll be there!
NewItProductions 28 күн бұрын
really hope we can keep him bc teams will be looking to nab him as a coach soon
Earl 28 күн бұрын
Its amazing
Olayinka Ahm'd
Olayinka Ahm'd 29 күн бұрын
Loved how ESR was celebrating with the team @7:56. Love the passion and togetherness of this team
Herbal 28 күн бұрын
@Yo CLicKZ Worry about glass ankle and calamity jane in goal not our players
Ikenna Ifedilo
Ikenna Ifedilo 28 күн бұрын
Did you notice how Arteta and Chambers snubbed each other in the end there. Even though they were former teammates and also had a player/manager relationship. Quite strange
Rory 29 күн бұрын
Yeah, that caught my eye too. Great to see such passion Emile considering what frustrating season it must have been for him so far. I can't wait to see him celebrating a goal on the pitch soon
Yo CLicKZ 29 күн бұрын
Hopefully he didn't get injured there
S 29 күн бұрын
Just like how he celebrated his goals love to see it👏
Lee Tucker
Lee Tucker 29 күн бұрын
Whatever the outcome of this season, we are on the right track and playing the right way. Haven’t enjoyed a season like this in years ❤
StlS 28 күн бұрын
My fav team since 08
Ratedgamer Colee
Ratedgamer Colee 29 күн бұрын
this season has been our best and most fun since we challenged leceister for the title that year
Melt Gibsont
Melt Gibsont 29 күн бұрын
The craziest part of Arsenal how you see a team not just on the pitch but also on the coaching side. All the coaches are by the side of the manager working like a team. Just an amazing sight given the ups and downs Arsenal went through since Arteta was appointed
Dino Ćeman
Dino Ćeman 26 күн бұрын
It’s a crazy unity if we win the leauge this year arsenal will become a big club again there is some crazy summer signings happening
Mr. Laboso
Mr. Laboso 29 күн бұрын
6:45 Granit sprinting from the bench across the field is pure comedy! Such emotion I couldn't blame him.
GlastoMole 29 күн бұрын
Been an Arsenal fan since 1987. I love this Club as much as I ever have❤ Wonderful Season so far👏👏👏
Steve Salkas
Steve Salkas 8 күн бұрын
Fan since 79 fa cup
BRUTAL TV 29 күн бұрын
8:25 This is the moment when Emi Buendia regret his decision to join Villa over Arsenal.
Anatoly Park
Anatoly Park 27 күн бұрын
@Ikenna Ifedilo nah, I think they might have shaken hands before the game or something. No need to do it after the game again.
Ikenna Ifedilo
Ikenna Ifedilo 28 күн бұрын
@Jamal Jones I suspect so
Jamal Jones
Jamal Jones 28 күн бұрын
@Ikenna Ifedilo I thought the same exact thing! That relationship had to have ended on poor terms.
Ikenna Ifedilo
Ikenna Ifedilo 28 күн бұрын
@A ALI Did you notice how Arteta and Chambers snubbed each other in the end there. Even though they were former teammates and also had a player/manager relationship. Quite strange
A ALI 29 күн бұрын
Chambers in same clip lol
m. shahmee
m. shahmee 29 күн бұрын
What a time to be alive as Arsenal fans.
M 29 күн бұрын
4:09 Nicolas Jover instructing Odegaard before the corner and Zinchenko ended up scoring on it. I love this team, every staff member. What a team ❤️
M 29 күн бұрын
My heart rate during this game was not to be played with lol. I love this team, keep pushing ❤️
Yohanes Paskal
Yohanes Paskal 28 күн бұрын
@M I know right. I watched too many football match to know that was it... Glad I was wrong lol
M 28 күн бұрын
@Yohanes Paskal Let me tell you my head was gone at that point when I saw the Ode miss, I was rolling around because I thought that was it. But what an ending 😭❤️.
Yohanes Paskal
Yohanes Paskal 28 күн бұрын
I lost my faith after odegard missed. But I was wrong, we still got it lol
M 29 күн бұрын
@Kelveron​I relate!! 😭 But these type of results at the end makes the win even more sweeter. Hopefully we’ll cause less of a heart scares from now on 😅❤️
Kelveron 29 күн бұрын
I think I'm heading for having a pacemaker fitted, thanks to games like this! 😢
František Vtelenský
František Vtelenský 29 күн бұрын
I love how Jorgi celebrates as if he was gunner for years! 2 great performances in a row! :)
Nick 29 күн бұрын
Hopefully smith Rowe and Gabi are back soon and we can keep fighting and improving all the way to the end this year. We missed them a lot recently
Ollie Millward
Ollie Millward 29 күн бұрын
That’s what I call team spirit. Saliba running into the bench and then running to celebrate with Jorghino. We’re winning the league
Jonathan Bird
Jonathan Bird 29 күн бұрын
Best benchcam of the season! Love this club ❤️
Learn more
Learn more 29 күн бұрын
Arteta, is the reason why everything has changed in our club. He has brought LIFE back at this club and to every gooner’a life. I haven’t seen such atmosphere around/ inside the club in 20 years long. This Atmosphere is 🔥. Thank you sir!! 😢❤ You have no idea what it feels to see your club on the top and doing well, after thing long suffering. You are a miracle .
Incognito1 29 күн бұрын
That piece of skill from Jorginho at 1:27 was simply brilliant to set up the cross for Ben White to ping into the box to bring about Saka to equalise. WHAT A TEAM, WHAT A CLUB!!!🔴⚪️🔴⚪️
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell 28 күн бұрын
@Networth 2 8th, 8th & 5th.... Absolute clown
Networth 2
Networth 2 28 күн бұрын
0:54 Arteta tells Ben white something then White starts making dangerous overlapping runs which create our first goal. this in-game coaching should continue.
LARK2001 29 күн бұрын
Buluda Achoro
Buluda Achoro 29 күн бұрын
This is Arsenal's best game of the season so far. Absolutely incredible 90mins of football.🔝
Shavanise Walters
Shavanise Walters 17 күн бұрын
correction i think today's game was the best so far. lol
Networth 2
Networth 2 28 күн бұрын
correction 98minutes
Vernak Gigolo
Vernak Gigolo 28 күн бұрын
Mine has to be that game against Brighton
Fernando Yuno
Fernando Yuno 28 күн бұрын
@Rachmat Fauzi yeah in first half they afraid to make a move
Bagboy 28 күн бұрын
3-2 against Utd and 1-0 against Mudryk 😂
I am your Father
I am your Father 29 күн бұрын
In Arteta they have a Manager that is literally living and breathing every second of the game 🥰
Dino Ćeman
Dino Ćeman 26 күн бұрын
He’s not going to live long because of how he’s feeling all the game every game hahah. Heart attack
Wandering Onion
Wandering Onion 29 күн бұрын
Love how our defenders come over and celebrate with the bench ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
t c
t c 29 күн бұрын
6:45 That black streak of lightning is Xhaka running to celebrate with his teammates on the other side of the pitch. I've never seen him run so fast 😄 A yellow card he was happy to take 💛
Hadizat Avosuahi Jimoh
Hadizat Avosuahi Jimoh 15 күн бұрын
Like a lightning bolt🤣
Sam 29 күн бұрын
Xhaka has to be the highlight of this! Running from the bench to celebrate Jorginho's goal (or rather Martinez) @6:45 and then at @7:55 pops up in the celebration and stays on top of Jakub Kiwor until 8:11. Hilarious but I love him!! He is still one of the core of our midfield!
Gustav Gude
Gustav Gude 29 күн бұрын
Seeing Jorginho running out celebrating the last goal with the bench, manager and staff. Thats what its all about. THAT IS ARSENAL
sandall 29 күн бұрын
This team is going places if they stay humble, eager to want to learn everyday and get better, and with some extra addition to the squad it’s going to be very very good. Let’s hope they can achieve something this season cause they deserve it.
mandramannn 28 күн бұрын
the job this awakenbeerus does with match predictions is crazy, i don't understand how he always predicts the winner, who is he and what does he do??
TDSM 99 29 күн бұрын
Great to see the respect between Mikel and Unai at the beginning of the game 👏
Ikenna Ifedilo
Ikenna Ifedilo 28 күн бұрын
Two Spaniards managing two English teams coming face to face. Respect.
maddy2anti 28 күн бұрын
Eventho unai didn't succeed with us, but unai is a class manager
jeremiah Charity
jeremiah Charity 29 күн бұрын
The new players all seem like they’ve been playing here for ages 🥰
StlS 28 күн бұрын
Xhaka piggy backing kiwior, Gabriel double high fiving Georginho and Zinny thumping Trossards chest
Amavlog Vila
Amavlog Vila 29 күн бұрын
Wanted to say the same 🤝🏿
DavidScot 29 күн бұрын
Emery really knew we were going to do a BENCH CAM so he tried getting close to Mikel in order to be seen! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Good ebening y'all
Kithinga 26 күн бұрын
Unai My G .
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell 28 күн бұрын
@Baya wa Yaa I like the fact that Unai Emery's won more European trophies than Arsenal have looooool Banter FC🤣
Baya wa Yaa
Baya wa Yaa 28 күн бұрын
😅😅I like the fact that his celebrations were low key
Corey 28 күн бұрын
Gotta say, Vieira's pass was elite. You see players not get the waiting of those passes right way too often or a defender intercepts, and he literally put it right onto Martinelli's boot. Perfect
chibuike Okoli
chibuike Okoli 28 күн бұрын
You know football
ALLSPORTS FC 29 күн бұрын
I love this club!!! The passion, The hunger the boys showed was something else
Its Biilly
Its Biilly 29 күн бұрын
It's zinchenko for me hard not to love this lad look at his reaction for martineli's goal pure passion ❤
Chidi Ekweonu
Chidi Ekweonu 29 күн бұрын
This is one of the most important wins this season. It's a massive 3 points after the blips we had. Well-done guys
Isiaq Abdulazeez
Isiaq Abdulazeez 29 күн бұрын
Who noticed we equalized 2-2 right after the set-piece coach talked to Cpt Odegaard😮
ashukie 28 күн бұрын
The togetherness of the boys is why this team is going to win something big like the league or the CL for the first time ever. This guys are fighting for each other and that’s all we’ve been asking for ages and it finally came to fruition with Arteta’s appointment. COYG
Maryann 29 күн бұрын
The passion and desire of the players really paid off🙌🏾❤️
davesaussieduster 28 күн бұрын
No matter how much the 4th official was hating the celebrations at the end!
Dami.Official15 29 күн бұрын
Got to love Jorginho’s passion
DAVID PRINCE 29 күн бұрын
I've Put The Ending Goals on Repeat For Like 2Million Times. Epic Celebrations from the Bench
purge-10- 28 күн бұрын
it‘s absolutely impressive what Arsenal is doing right now. Every scene shows what an amazing coach Arteta is and i hope they’ll win the league. Greetings from a Bayern fan 😎
Sonu Negi
Sonu Negi 29 күн бұрын
Unforgettable match of 2023.
Ajajambo 29 күн бұрын
It was a special win!! It brings all Arsenal supporters a tremendous joy and happiness. I can not stop watching the last 6 minutes of this game.
MrKearney12 26 күн бұрын
Man oh man, the bench celebrations are just beautiful to watch. The absolute unity between squad, staff, and fans is unreal. Long time Gooner and it's so great having those positive vibes back. Saliba, Tomi, etc make a mistake? Start singin' their names. Love to see it.
Israel Jones
Israel Jones 29 күн бұрын
The way Xhaka sprinted to the field from the bench after Jorgi scored the third goal was crazy😂😂😂
Hans Johnson
Hans Johnson 29 күн бұрын
I love seeing Jorginho @ 7:59 . Really good to see the chemistry increasing and him settling in well. You can tell the other players have made him feel welcomed and supported.
Is Romance Dead
Is Romance Dead 28 күн бұрын
This was one of the best games of the season! Proud of my boys
Lord Checkmate
Lord Checkmate 29 күн бұрын
Who else saw Saliba teleport from the bench to the players when celebrating Jorginho goal?
一二三 28 күн бұрын
that was xhaka😂
yusuf ardiansyah
yusuf ardiansyah 29 күн бұрын
lol, yes. he is teleporting
arsiano1950 27 күн бұрын
Zinchenko's reaction at the 4th goal is pure passion!
Simbolex 29 күн бұрын
Here we go, my favorite bench cam is back. Good to watch the match again with this view. Thank you. 🙏❤️
sneakygypsy23 29 күн бұрын
granit absolutely bolted to celebrate that goal off the bench, love it
Vivi 29 күн бұрын
the whole staff, the players what a team what a spirit
Zack_Sycamore 29 күн бұрын
This game was open ended and could have gone any way. I think Ramsdale played a very key role in this victory. His saves as important as the winning goals. Respect.
ty 28 күн бұрын
my favourite game of the season. so many emotions. amazing result from the boys💘
Everia 28 күн бұрын
Emotional rollercoaster. This brought tears in my eyes. I love this club.
I M 28 күн бұрын
The hug at the end between Saka and Arteta. The way Saka embraced him like his guardian. A player of that calibre, having that much love or his manager.. Says a lot about Arteta as a man and a coach
DaysNoMore 29 күн бұрын
Zinchenko is awesome, look at him hyping up the players even from the bench, beautiful!
JOEY-AFC-LARGIE 29 күн бұрын
GOYG what ever happens this season I am a proud fan of my club for what they have done the future Is looking good for arsenal if we win the league or not we have done so well and u can see this is a new arsenal and we will be up there fighting for titles so keep up the good work arsenal and the fans keep supporting every player and the manager they need us just like we need them 🔴😊🔴⚪⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪
Fuad Abubakar
Fuad Abubakar 29 күн бұрын
Our team spirit is sooo strong. Togetherness on 🔥
Komo Lee Ray
Komo Lee Ray 25 күн бұрын
7:56 funniest part is Zinchenko pumped from the 4th goal looking to celebrate with Gabriel who just charges past him....still hyped and wanting someone to reciprocate his energy turns to the nearest man , ESR who looks like he's just woken up , and starts giving it the facials, and gesturing in his direction and then grabbing him lol..( and then he grabs Jourginho who's also moving in the other direction..he wants to hug everyone ! ) love Zinchenko , what a beast of a player and a personality
Mr. Laboso
Mr. Laboso 29 күн бұрын
Arteta also celebrate before Martinelli scored! The scenes 🙌
LN Eleven
LN Eleven 28 күн бұрын
The difference in love, admiration and belief throughout this club in just a short few years is incredible. What an amazing job Arteta, the staff and of course the players have done ❤️
Steven 28 күн бұрын
The passion in this team is crazy ❤
Samuel Opio
Samuel Opio 29 күн бұрын
The sweetest of the victories this season.
Danny K
Danny K 29 күн бұрын
Jorginho already looks so well integrated the way he ran and celebrated with the team after Gabi’s goal. He’s been superb these last 2 games
wonder dakpo
wonder dakpo 27 күн бұрын
then u don't understand or study soccer...his abscence was felt till those lucky shots and martinez blunder came in... i bet you our next game without partey will be a total disgrace
Danny K
Danny K 28 күн бұрын
@wonder dakpo We didnt miss Partey at all in this game. Could have done with him vs City but Jorginho played very well in that game too
wonder dakpo
wonder dakpo 28 күн бұрын
we miss partey
HGR 29 күн бұрын
what a year!! Proud to be Gunner!! long time we have not been feeling this great moments!!! COYG...!! 🔥🔥🔥
what'sapp+①(⑧②⑨)⑦⓪⑧-⑨⑥⑤③ 29 күн бұрын
emeka oparah
emeka oparah 28 күн бұрын
What a time to be an arsenal fan ✌️
JdJ 26 күн бұрын
The benchcam videos are better summaries than the 3 minute ones we get
fareed mohammed
fareed mohammed 29 күн бұрын
Saliba celebrating with staff and teammates 🤣🤣. Jorginho jumping on the staff after the fourth goal , he became a complete gunner at that moment☺️☺️. Love this team COYG♥️🤍
Anvay Sharma
Anvay Sharma 29 күн бұрын
Even after drawing zinny didn't celebrate ran directly to the centre circle what a player what a mentality Also I just can't imagine the technique required for scoring the zinchenko and jorginho goal
Joe Gunner
Joe Gunner 29 күн бұрын
Honestly, that was exhilarating, the team the staff the fans are in this together, the best in years. Arteta's passion and desire are infectious.
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell 28 күн бұрын
@Joe Gunner 2 decades of winning fcuk all, keep dreaming. Banter FC
Joe Gunner
Joe Gunner 28 күн бұрын
@Clucking Bell keep clucking
Clucking Bell
Clucking Bell 28 күн бұрын
Arteta's passion and desire after finishing 8th twice lol Once a cone layer always a cone layer..
S 29 күн бұрын
I told myself I wasn’t gonna watch arsenal on Saturday after that defeat but I’m glad I watched the match because it was worth it ❤️‍🔥
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 28 күн бұрын
As much as frustrating our form at the moment, these videos from the bench warm my heart ♥️
Alvin Foo
Alvin Foo 28 күн бұрын
Even Arteta celebrated before the goal @7:49! Just love this team. Look at the togetherness when they all celebrated together 🔴🔴🔴 COYG!
Devils With Ego PODCAST
Devils With Ego PODCAST 29 күн бұрын
The passion and support from the fans♥️
Kasra Moolooghy
Kasra Moolooghy 29 күн бұрын
Vieira's celebration before the goal was just pure joy to see 😍
Ramzan Qarim
Ramzan Qarim 28 күн бұрын
How amazing the team is.. True family more than a family. Big up guys
Mordekai Hmar
Mordekai Hmar 28 күн бұрын
I can watch about Arsenal for days and weeks and years and never get bored or tired of it. Arsenal❤️🥺
Samuel Nifemi oluwatayo
Samuel Nifemi oluwatayo 28 күн бұрын
Holding never mind to be there on the pitch in late minutes..still gonna do his job..he's a real leader ❤
Google x
Google x 29 күн бұрын
7:49 even arteta starts celebrating before Martinelli scores 😆
Maya M
Maya M 29 күн бұрын
Arteta aged 50 years watching this😂❤️
Andrea Volpe
Andrea Volpe 29 күн бұрын
More than proud of what the boys are doing, but the league is far from over... let's pursue this dream all together...never give up...Coyg!!!
Youssef KT
Youssef KT 29 күн бұрын
Seeing the reaction of Smith Rowe after the 4th goal, you can't help but think that he is a genuine Arsenal Supporter.
Jack Jordan
Jack Jordan 24 күн бұрын
I always loved my club, but the feeling this gives me now is something special. Even on the few results where we have dropped poijmnts we have never rolled over. Love the spirit, the community and club but also where we are heading
Ricky App
Ricky App 29 күн бұрын
I keep saying, at this point if Arsenal don’t win the league all fans will be proud nonetheless. This season has been a wonderful one. They might not win the title but the winnable games have been very enjoyable to watch
Fredrick Eguabor
Fredrick Eguabor 29 күн бұрын
The best time to be an arsenal fan what a passionate team we have.. all thanks to arteta for his wonderful work in this team... We are winning the league if u believe hit the like button guys..
Mo Vibes
Mo Vibes 29 күн бұрын
Arsenal always in our hearts ❤
manfred nelson
manfred nelson 29 күн бұрын
Jorginho was just superb...
Roger Ramjet
Roger Ramjet 29 күн бұрын
Gabriel's chest pounding celebrations are wonderful!!
Eman 27 күн бұрын
What a game. From expectation to frustration, to anger, to relief, to hilarity then just pure ecstasy
Lesiba Aphane
Lesiba Aphane 25 күн бұрын
My love for this club is unmatched.❤️❤️❤️
Schowd95 28 күн бұрын
Unbelievable scenes man. What a time to be an arsenal fan
Sunny Chow
Sunny Chow 28 күн бұрын
Just love Arteta, a humble, polite and efficient Manager, I hope he will success this season !!! 🥰
Rayane Sánchez
Rayane Sánchez 29 күн бұрын
This Mikel Arteta is a great coach 😍❤️ it's beautiful to see the boys obeying him
Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward 24 күн бұрын
Such passion! I think Arteta will turn Arsenal around for a long time
Oyena Tyeliz
Oyena Tyeliz 29 күн бұрын
ZINCHENKO's Goal was INSANE 🔥🔥🔥 We've been trying that short corner for long, So Happy it finally paid off
N N 28 күн бұрын
Love the energy from this team❤ COYG
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